Win a Savor the San Juans Getaway!

The 7th annual Savor the San Juans – a Medley of Food, Farms & Art is just around the corner. This October, the San Juan Islands will be bursting with the region’s best food, art, farm tours, entertainment and more!


Sound good? We think so too.


What makes this even better news? Right now, the San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau and Seattle Magazine have partnered to offer three amazing getaways. We’re talking a night away on the island with dinner and lodging. Heck – one of the prizes even include a round-trip flight for two aboard Kenmore Air.



Bring on the cold.

Our team accepted the Victoria Clipper’s #IceBucketChallenge. We took it this afternoon, and we’re making a donation to help #StrikeOutALS.

Harbour Air, Roche Harbor Resort, and San Juan Safaris – can you handle the ice? You’ve just been challenged!


Tips for Whale Watching in the San Juan Islands

Whale Watching in the San Juans with San Juan Safaris

They came to the water’s surface like elegant dancers, their dorsal fins tickling the air. Breaths were gasped. Pictures were snapped. Little children pointed with glee.

Until then – until that moment when I saw my first Orca – I didn’t get it. I’d been told that images, video, and stories pale in comparison to seeing these noble creatures first hand. Just how true this is, I didn’t realize.

Until now.

Catching tail whale watchingHow mammals of that size can move with such grace is beyond me. But they do.

Just outside Friday Harbor – in the waters that twist and turn around the San Juan Islands – Orcas swim in pods. They hunt. They eat. And occasionally, they play.

While several island lookouts offer land-based whale watching opportunities, the best views are from the water. Getting out on a boat with an experienced captain is your best bet to see them. This is why Kenmore Air partners with San Juan Safaris – a whale watching operation based out of Friday Harbor.

These folks know what they’re doing. And, I’m not just saying this for kicks and giggles. Yes, they are our partners. But, we work with them for good reason – they have a 90% Orca spotting success rate!

In addition to their impressive ability to follow the whales, San Juan Safaris also hires expert naturalists to accompany their tour groups. Armed with a wealth of knowledge, these folks are available to answer questions, point out additional wildlife, and describe the natural habitat as you see it.


Wild Orca Presents Polecat August 22

How Can You Help Protect Wild Orcas August 22?

One word: DANCE

Polecat is preforming to raise money for wild orcas

I’ll never forget the day I picked up a load of passengers from a large resort in Desolation Sound, British Columbia. [After loading the 6-passenger seaplane, I cast off from the dock only to realize that directly before me a pod of Orcas was transiting the channel. With every rise to the surface, the sun illuminated a blast of water and steam emanating from the breathing Orcas. It was a truly awe-inspiring sight.] I didn’t want to disturb their path so I circled and navigated around tidal whirlpools while the Orcas continued their journey southward.  It was a unique situation for a pilot, and there was for me at that moment a stunning realization that I had the best job in the most beautiful place in the world, and I decided then that I would do just about anything to make sure this natural, beautiful gift was protected.

- Michael Hays, Kenmore Air Pilot


At Kenmore Air, we’re blessed to have an amazing crew. From pilots to dock hands and mechanics to customer service reps, our staff is comprised of amazing individuals. These folks not only have a passion for being the best at what they do, they’re also committed to making the world around them a better place.

Michael Hays is a prime example. So too is Anna Guillickson.

Together, they founded Wild Orca, a non-profit that’s helping preserve the wellbeing of wild Orcas.


Tammy & Tom’s Untraditional – Epic – Love

Tammy and Tom’s Untraditional – Epic – Love by Nataworry Photography

Back in the days of “You’ve got mail” and Yahoo email addresses – back when online dating was a tad bit taboo and flip phones were the rage – Tammy Goodall signed up for a free week of

Thank goodness for the Internet.

Thirteen years later, on the rooftop of a Lake Union houseboat, Tammy and her husband Tom Gerkens shared their story and a glass of wine with me.

Tammy and Tom at Dabob Bay by Nataworry Photography

It’s not a classic boy meets girl, bended knee kind of tale. Theirs is an untraditional epic love, so whacky it has to be real.

Theirs is a story that’s taken them around the world, across the country and up several dozen flights of stairs. It’s taught them seasickness is real; tuna tastes best when caught, sliced and eaten with your fingers on the back of a boat; and home is wherever you’re standing (or floating) together.  (more…)