$20 Seaplane Flights to Seattle

Seattle from a Hopscotch Flight

As familiar as most of you may be with Kenmore Air, you probably don’t know about our hopscotch flights. I didn’t and I’ve been here for over two years! But you should because they’re amazing.


What is a hopscotch flight?
A hopscotch flight is a positioning flight. In Seattle, we have two seaplane terminals. One is on Lake Union in downtown Seattle. The other is on Lake Washington, in Kenmore.

The latter is our headquarters (aka Kenmore Air Harbor). This is where all of our maintenance staff is located, it is where parts are manufactured and stored, and it is where the planes officially live. At the end of each day, they come back Lake Washington where our protected harbor offers them safe storage.

Positioning flights happen when we need to reposition a plane between to accommodate a regularly scheduled or charter flight.  (more…)

8th Annual Savor the San Juans

Food at COHO

Indulge all your senses during the San Juan’s month-long medley of food, farms, and art.

Savor the San Juans is back for the eighth year running and it’s shaping up to be better than ever. During this month-long festival there will be more than 20 unique events. Restaurants throughout San Juan Island, Orcas Island, and Lopez Island will feature specials. And, several of the San Juan’s top hotels, B&Bs and resorts will offer lodging specials.


How are we making the pot even sweeter? We’re offering low fall fares!


7 Bites Not to Miss in Victoria BC

Food. It’s at the heart of nearly every amazing trip. From quaint cafes and all-day brunch spots to gastrobups and fine dining, Victoria BC does not disappoint.

Food. It’s at the heart of nearly every amazing trip. From quaint cafes and all-day brunch spots to gastrobups and fine dining, Victoria BC does not disappoint.

To help you get a jump-start planning your what-to-eat route while visiting British Columbia’s capitol, we’ve outlined seven of our favorite spots.  (more…)

AVIC teams up with US partner – Kenmore Air


Innovative designed floats by EDO Floats

Kenmore, WA – AVIC will debut the first Chinese made seaplane in the US. Using innovative designed floats by EDO Floats, and with their co-operation to obtain US and Chinese airworthiness certification, the Y-12s will be fully transformed into amphibious aircraft. The transformed Y-12s certified under FAA and CAAC will increase their competitive edge in the international arena.

AVIC has ordered 100 sets of floats from EDO Floats. The revolutionary floats will be made of carbon fiber, which is more reliable, durable, lighter plus more resistant to corrosion. (more…)

Where to Sip Cider this Fall

Sample cider at the San Juan Island Distillery

Our favorite places to sample cider in Seattle, the San Juan Islands, and Victoria.

Cider. Sweet and crisp, it combines all the good time fun of a cold beer with a fruity flavor that’s surprisingly refreshing. Though originally the preferred beverage of American colonists, cider had lost favor among US drinkers. But a few years ago that changed. Now craft brewers throughout the North American Continent have begun embracing the craft.

Particularly popular among the gluten-free and female drinking crowds, cider is praised as the lighter and less bitter beer. It’s even been heralded as the “new wine.” Chefs have taken to pairing it with fatty fish, hearty pasta, and rich desserts.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, land of the apple orchard, brewers have been surprisingly hesitant to dabble with the crisp fruit as they’ve remained focused on hops. But as more and more give it a go, our region’s been treated to exceptional pours. These guys and gals know how to craft unique flavor profiles and they’re bringing that experience to cider. Here are some of our favorite cider destinations.  (more…)