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New Otter Hanger at Kenmore Air

Kenmore Air’s headquarters sits at the northernmost tip of Lake Washington, on a small industrial road that parallels the Burke Gilman Trail. Most people drive past the entrance with hardly a glance – let alone a clue of the mechanic wonderland that’s lived there since 1946. Though seaplanes have become an iconic fixture of Seattle’s skyline, the five-acre lot they call home rarely garners much attention. It begs the question: What in the world really happens there? (more…)



January 16, 2014, more than 600 Kenmore Junior High students, staff and parents formed the largest 12th Man flag in history. We were lucky enough to get a bird’s-eye view. When Kimberlee Armstrong, Kenmore Junior High principal, asked if we would fly over and take a picture, we were ecstatic. Company wide, blue runs through our veins and we love the chance to support a local school. So just days before the Hawks took down the 49ers, Kenmore Air Chairman, Gregg Munro, and local photographer Joe Tomas climbed into a Kenmore Air seaplane. This scenic flight was all about blue. #WeAre12atEMP #Seahawks #12thMan

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1st Annual Bite of the San Juan Islands

 Small BitesWith so many talented chefs, farmers, fishers, winemakers, distillers and brewers throughout the San Juans, it can be difficult to sample all this gourmet archipelago has to offer. That’s about to change. Sunday, October 26, the Bite of the San Juan Islands will gather the best throughout the region under one roof.


San Juan Island Cheese and Island Grown have partnered to showcase the amazing quality of island-grown, organic, GMO-free meats, seafood, produce, wine, cider, beer and spirits.


They’re bringing together chefs from all three of the main islands – Lopez, Orcas and San Juan. Each chef will be paired with an island farmer or food producer to create delicious bites featuring local ingredients. (more…)

A Day on the Line with Jay Todhunter

A day on the line at Kenmore Air with Jay TodhunterAdmittedly, Kenmore Air pilots have pretty amazing jobs. Some might say they have the best job in the world. They fly daily to locations that are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for most folks.

As glorious as these pilots jobs are now, that was not always the case.  The Kenmore Air’s flight crew earned their stripes the hard way: on the line.

To get the inside perspective, I joined the line crew for a morning.

A Day on the Line

Moving seaplanes by forklift

The sun hadn’t risen when Jay Todhunter, the line crew supervisor, arrived at Kenmore Air Harbor. It wouldn’t for be another hour. Spotlights from the main building cast a yellow glow across the dock and throughout the yard.

Kenmore Air only closes but two days a year (Thanksgiving and Christmas). On the other 363 mornings,  the planes must be prepped before dawn for their first departure. Morning’s at Kenmore Air are busy indeed. (more…)

5 Things To Do In Ucluelet

Black Rock Oceanfront Resort

Ucluelet’s known for the Wild Pacific Trail that runs throughout the town and along the coast. And, rightly so. The eight-kilometer trail is an outdoor enthusiasts’ dream. But, Ucluelet also offers a lot more to do than hiking.


Drift SpaGet Pampered
Tucked among the rugged wilderness, the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort is refined comfort among natural beauty. Their Drift Spa, inspired by the Wild Pacific landscape, offers a chance to soak it in – literally. Here, the collection of cleansing and revitalizing treatments are drawn from the natural elements.


Ucluelet Aquarium
Not all aquariums are created equals. Sure, there are a lot of places throughout the world where you can explore. But, there are few aquariums that focus on learning in the same way as the Ucluelet Aquarium. While the aquarium doesn’t loop all that impressive from the outside, the inside is a stunningly large space crafted with giant wood posts, touch tanks and more. Every aspect of the aquarium, from it’s staff to it’s interactive activities, is committed to helping you learn about the ecosystem in a fun, hands-on way. (more…)