$20 Seaplane Flights to Seattle

Seattle from a Hopscotch Flight

As familiar as most of you may be with Kenmore Air, you probably don’t know about our hopscotch flights. I didn’t and I’ve been here for over two years! But you should because they’re amazing.


What is a hopscotch flight?
A hopscotch flight is a positioning flight. In Seattle, we have two seaplane terminals. One is on Lake Union in downtown Seattle. The other is on Lake Washington, in Kenmore.

The latter is our headquarters (aka Kenmore Air Harbor). This is where all of our maintenance staff is located, it is where parts are manufactured and stored, and it is where the planes officially live. At the end of each day, they come back Lake Washington where our protected harbor offers them safe storage.

Positioning flights happen when we need to reposition a plane between to accommodate a regularly scheduled or charter flight.  (more…)

Eric Ellison – Aviation Maintenance Technician of the Year

Eric’s outstanding contribution to safety in aviation maintenance earned him recognition from the FAA.


Eric Ellison – Aviation Maintenance Technician of the Year

Eric Ellison came to Kenmore Air in 2003. He originally joined the team in the same way as most of our employees – working the line.


At the time, he’d recently completed his Bachelor of Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and was working towards his mechanics license. With a license under his belt, he earned a spot among our internationally recognized maintenance team and began doing general maintenance and rebuilds.


Throughout the years his role at Kenmore Air has evolved. In 2011, he became our chief inspector. As chief inspector, he’s tracks and monitors the use and maintenance of Kenmore Air’s entire fleet. Additionally, he oversees the annual inspections of our planes and hundreds of privately owned aircraft.


Like any machine, planes suffer from wear and tear. Even the best maintained aircraft needs regular maintenance. Annual inspections play an imperative role in ensuring these machines continue to operate safely.  (more…)

New Maintenance Hangar Officially Open at Kenmore Air Harbor

Kenmore Air Maintenance Hangar

“Kenmore wouldn’t be Kenmore without Kenmore Air,” said Mayor Dave Baker as the door opened to Kenmore Air’s new hangar.


Inside the Kenmore Air Maintenance Hangar

Thursday, March 12, 2015, the current and past Kenmore Air family was joined by several of the community’s top elected officials.


The new hangar is large enough to house the biggest of Kenmore Air’s fleet, a de Havilland Otter. These 11-seaters have a massive 58-foot wingspan and are nearly 13-feet tall. They require a lot of space.


Previously, Otter maintenance had to be performed outdoors. During the winter this often meant postponing projects and grounding planes for untold amounts of time.  (more…)

San Juan Island Spring Getaways

Roche Harbor on San Juan Island

March 21 – Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer Live
The San Juan Islands are home to some of the best artists worldwide, including internationally acclaimed songwriter duo, Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer. In celebration of their newest CD, Maritime, Dave and Mandy will be touring the US and Europe, including a stop in their own hometown.


March 26 – Self Care Yoga
Discover the revitalizing health benefits of yoga. Join yoga master Emily Trujilo at the Lavendera Day Spa for a free evening of tips and insights into how yoga can be used to help you manage stress and connect with your inner wisdom.


April 7 – 11 – Orcas Island Shakespeare Festival
Hear ye, hear ye! The fourth annual Orcas Island Shakespeare Festival is returning. A troupe of renowned Shakespearean actors and enthusiasts will be gathering for a multi-day festival featuring performances, classes and a parade.  (more…)

Victoria Spring Getaways

March 7 – 15 – Victoria Beer Week
Whether you’re a beer geek or a beer newbie, Victoria Beer Week will fill your hop longings. With multiple beer-related events, you’ll have the opportunity to sample a wide variety of craft brews, speak with brewers and ask industry experts questions. Plus, check out the pairing dinners to explore the full range of beer’s potential.


March 9 – 22 – Belfry SPARK Festival
For the seventh year, Belfry’s yearly SPARK Festival is attracting internationally renowned shows. Many of these fantastic presentations have been or currently are on tour. While many of the shows are ticketed, the festival also features a collection of free events, including readings and open Q&As.


March 13 – April 11 – Victoria Film Festival
This annual independent film festival is known for attracting high quality films. Each year it’s showings feature a wide range of ideas and lifestyles.


March 19 – 22 – Kizomba & Semba Festival
DJ Vasco from Paris and Joelle from Quebec are combining forces for a multi-day dance festival extravaganza.  (more…)