Kenmore Air Spring Seat Sale

Save 15% on flights between Seattle & the San Juan Islands or Victoria during our Spring Seat Sale.

Save 15% on flights between Seattle & the San Juan Islands or Victoria during our Spring Seat Sale.

Spring is one of the best times to explore. The tourist season in Seattle, the San Juans and Victoria isn’t yet in full swing. It’s now that the lush greenness brought on by winter rains is speckled with bright colors.


Chefs have begun flexing their foraging muscles. They are revamping their menus with delicacies like artichokes, nettles and strawberries.


Recent opening, such as Friday Harbor’s new IMA museum, are introducing a broad range of artwork and activities. Farmers markets are bustling. Our own resident orcas are a lively bunch, including the newest members of the family – the three orca babies.  (more…)

Mother’s Day Brunch at Kiana Lodge

Mothers Day Brunch at Kiana Lodge

Take your mom on an adventure and give her a memory she’ll remember for a lifetime.


Flowers are great. A new sweater is lovely. But an adventure is something your mom can share with you. That’s what our moms really want. They want time. They want conversation. And lets not lie; they want to enjoy it all with tasty food with a good view.  (more…)

Three Days of Things to Do, Eat and See on the San Juan Islands

18 Things to do in the San Juan Islands this Fall

Fall in the San Juans offers a variety of fun things to do and see. These three Fall Getaway Itinerary Ideas focus on Orcas and San Juan Island. But, they only scratch the surface. Enjoy!

Day 1

Breakfast – Doe Bay Café on Orcas Island
Doe Bay CafeOn the east side of Orcas Island at the edge of Doe Bay, sits the Doe Bay Café. This quaint restaurant is attached to the Bay Resort. It offers a full view of Doe Bay and the Salish Sea. From its own organic garden to its use of locally sourced proteins, the chefs are crafting dishes with the freshest ingredients. Breakfast items might include olive oil poached duck eggs or local sockeye gravlax (a Scandinavian style of dry cured salmon) with sunny-side up eggs and whipped goat cheese.


Doe Bay Café – 107 Doe Bay Rd., Olga, WA




Explore – Poke around Eastsound on Orcas Island
Visit Eastsound’s collection of galleries and novelty shops. Stop by Darvill’s Bookstore to discover the carefully chosen selection of novels, biographies and more. If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, head to Kathryn Taylor Chocolates where the chocolates are handmade, the ingredients are predominantly local and the flavors vary widely including Douglas Fir and Blood Orange.

Darvill’s Bookstore – 296 Main St., Eastsound
Kathryn Taylor Chocolates – 109 North Beach Rd., Eastsound (more…)

Caving Adventure Packages with Vancouver Island Expeditions

Caving Adventure Packages with Vancouver Island Expeditions

Unleash your inner Batman. Take a trip on the spelunking side.


Spelunking, the art of cave exploration, takes you below ground into a world few even realize exists.


But it does. There’s an entire world beneath Vancouver Island. A series of caves twist and turn beneath the surface. Some are so small you might be lucky to wiggle your fingers inside. Others have been carved over time into towering caverns. There are wide caves and narrow caves. There are dark caves and caves capped with great skylights. There caves filled with fragile crystal formations and caves that are home to ancient fossils.


Vancouver Island ExpeditionsBelow the ground – you’ll find a blackness so still it hugs every corner of your being. Down there, where the towering trees can only be made out by their massive roots and rivers flow between deep cracks in the earth, you’ll discover a magic that awakens your imagination. You’ll find a world that grabs the adventurer in you by the collar, fills you with awe, and leaves you hungry for more.


At the Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park you’ll find some of the best spelunking caves in the world. In 1971, the park was established in order to protect the caves and the fragile crystal formations they contain.


While a few of the small caves are open to the general public to explore on their own, knowledgeable guides are required for access to the more exotic depths of Lake Caves Provincial Park.   (more…)

Three Days of Things to Do, Eat and See in Seattle

19 Things to do in Seattle this Fall

Maximize your time in Seattle with this three day itinerary of things to do, eat and see.

Day 1

Breakfast – Sound View Café

For over 40 years, the Sound View Café has been tucked just west of the Pike Place Market’s fish-flinging crew. While the space here may be narrow, the view is anything but. Elliot Bay and the Olympics spill out in front of you at this long time favorite. Service is sometimes slow, but the prices are incredibly reasonable, the seafood is fresh and the coffee is packed with caffeine.

Sound View Café – 1501 Pike Pl #501, Seattle


Explore – Pike Place Market
Wander through Seattle’s Pike Place Market where fresh flowers, flying seafood and the occasional street performer fill the cobblestone streets. Make sure to visit Rachel, the Market’s pig mascot. Pop down to Post Alley where the Market Theater’s wall, better known as the Gum Wall, is covered with sticky color. Head further south to the Harbor Steps, a pedestrian walkway connecting 1st Avenue, Post Alley and Western Avenue. Looking for a caffeine refill? Head up to Café Fonté on 1st Avenue where the beans are expertly roasted and the coffee is exceptionally prepared.

Café Fonté – 1321 First Ave., Seattle (more…)