Dent Island Lodge – Salmon Fishing in British Columbia

Located just Northeast of Campbell River’s world famous fishing grounds, Dent Island Lodge is a droplet of luxury among British Columbia’s wilderness.

Fishing in the wilderness
seaplane in the wilderness

A resort-like lodge. Customized fishing adventures. Exceptional restaurant cuisine. Dent Island Lodge is salmon fishing magnificence.


The lodge’s Stuart Island location is tucked between Vancouver Island and British Columbia’s mainland. It overlooks Cordero Strait and the Canoe Rapids. Here, the narrow tidal cut changes directions four times a day. The white water brilliance is massive as currents hit one another among a backdrop of lush old growth forests.


remote fishing adventures

Spend the day casting on freshwater for salmon and trout on the British Columbia’s pristine rivers. Wake up the following day and go trolling for salmon. This is charter fishing at its finest. You pick the adventure. Dent Island Lodge’s expert guides make it happen. (more…)

AURA, a Victoria Restaurant Gem

AURA 720

In a restaurant genera often associated with mediocrity, AURA is changing the ballgame. While it’s located at the Inn at Laurel Point, it’s a far cry from hotel dining. This Inner Harbour gem is a destination for tourists and locals alike.


Executive chef Takashi Ito and his team focus on utilizing locally sourced ingredients and inventive techniques. The result is food that does more than satisfy – it inspires.


At AURA, artful platting delivers on its promise. Dishes don’t just delight the eye. They delight the palate. The menu features a riot of flavors. Here, acidity plays against heat, savory bites are mellowed by sweet touches, and umami is given its due.  (more…)

Edible Sightseeing – 1 Day in Victoria, BC

Edible Sightseeing in Victoria BC

Most folks in the Pacific Northwest begin hibernating with the first rain flurries of fall. But, the mild climate of British Columbia’s elegant capital beckon you to stretch your legs. Simultaneously, its chefs encourage you to let out your belt a notch (or two). The combination is perfect for a food-filled day of sightseeing.

See the Hands of Time
Though Victoria is a central hub for BC’s tech crowd, echoes of its diverse history can be seen throughout the city. Preserved in the historic buildings and represented by multiple art instillations, it’s easy to see why this isolated tip of Vancouver Island is a capital worthy of its destination status.

Dotting the Inner Harbour, you’ll find 12 bronze sculptures. They mark stops along the Hands of Time walking trail. Each is a life-size depiction of hands engaged in activities from Victoria’s past: mining gold, working in the shipyard, building railways and more.

Hop onto the statue trail on Wharf Street, just above Victoria’s Inner Harbour Seaplane Terminal. Head north. Within the first three blocks, you’ll pass: “Panning for Gold,” a tribute to the Gold Rush of 1858; “Tying a Rope to a Mooring Ring,” a reference to Victoria’s nautical identity; and “Holding Binoculars,” an acknowledgement of the city’s geographical beauty.


Five Veterans. One Thrilling Scenic Ride.

flying with kenmore on a de Havilland Beaver

Five WWII veterans took to the sky once again. This time their service was not required. It was being honored.

Friday, February 13, 2015, retired Lt. Col. Maury Marler, retired Sgt. Larry Wildermuth, retired Corporal Hal Fones, retired LTJG Bill Cruikshank, and retired First Lt. Fred Charles joined Kenmore Air pilot Joseph Leatherman at the Will Rogers–Wiley Post Memorial Seaplane Base.

Tied to the dock was a de Havilland Beaver N72355. Upon seeing the plane, the men joked with Joe about wanting to take the stick. “I’d rather be sitting there,” said Marler, nodding to the pilot’s chair as he climbed into the co-pilot seat.  (more…)

Cory and Matt Pavlovich – Saying, “I Do,” on the Dock

Unique Wedding Venue Kenmore Air, Photographs by Molly Landreth Weddings

Word to the Wise: Read to the end for the best surprise.

Cory’s not the kind of woman who settles down. A self-proclaimed “flyer,” she moved six times in the 10 years following the completion of her undergrad degree from Washington State University. She didn’t realize an Iowa boy with charm, wit and a healthy dose of nerd would turn a stop in the road into home.

Kenmore Air's unique wedding venue encourages toasting. Photographs by Molly Landreth WeddingsBut he did.

Meeting in Seattle, Matt and Cory bonded over dogs, banter packed conversations and a brief stint as thieves.

(During their first date, they miscommunicated about who was paying for the beer. It wasn’t until hours later they realized, no one had. Don’t worry. They went back and settled up.)

One day, between jokes about ‘Flight Risk Cory’ and trips to the dog park, she woke up with a life changing and location grounding realization. Cory told me over coffee:

I literally woke up one day and knew I loved him. And that was it. I was all in. Because this is home to me. This is more home to me than any place I’ve ever been. He’s home to me.