Alaska Airlines Partnership

Kenmore Air is a proud partner in Alaska Airline’s award-winning Mileage Plan program. If you’re wondering what that really means, you’re not alone. Just the other day I bumped into two lovely ladies waiting to catch a floatplane back to the San Juan Islands. They had the same question. So I looked into it.

Simply put – our partnership means you win. As a member of Alaska Airline’s Mileage Plan, you earn 250 miles for every one-way Kenmore Air flight, regardless of the actual flight mileage.

As with most things, the partnership is a little more complex. Here’s the breakdown.

How Do I Earn a Free Kenmore Air Flight?
You can redeem a round-trip ticket from Seattle to any Washington State Kenmore Air destination for 15,000 miles. Destinations in British Columbia require 20,000 miles.

To qualify for a free ticket, you need to be an Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan member. It’s easy and free. You can sign up here. When booking your flight online with Kenmore Air, enter your Mileage Plan number in the space provided. If you forget, don’t worry. We can add it during check-in.

If your flight is completed and you suddenly realize, “Woops, I forgot to submit my Mileage Plan number,” you will need to send a copy of your Kenmore Air reservation confirmation notice directly to Alaska Airlines. But, do so promptly. There is a time limit within which this must be done.

How Do I Redeem My Free Flight?
All award travel must be booked by phone through Alaska Airlines. Why? Our partnership does not include a shared computer system. Keep in mind, you’ll want to book your free flight with as much advance notice as possible. At the beginning of the year, Kenmore Air allots a specific number of free redeemable flights. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Inner Line Agreement
Alaska Airlines’ nearly 100 locations allow you to fly practically anywhere. Booking a joint reservation gives you the added security of a fully coordinated customer service experience in the event of delays or other travel irregularities.

To make travel between terminals easier, we offer a ground shuttle between Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and three of our Seattle-area terminals:

South Lake Union – Complimentary
Boeing Field – Complimentary
Kenmore Air Harbor (on Lake Washington) – $25 per person each way (offered seasonally)

See additional shuttle information here.

Flying (Almost) Anywhere on Awards
Alaska Airlines only permits Award Travel bookings to destinations with official location identifiers assigned by the International Air Transport Association. This limits the simple award redemption process to 27 Kenmore Air destinations.

If you want to fly on miles to a Kenmore Air destination which falls outside of these 27, it’s possible, just not as straightforward. You’ll still need to book your flight through Alaska to an appropriate “surrogate” destination.

Once you have received your confirmation of a fully ticketed itinerary from Alaska Airlines, you will need to call us to switch your destination to where you actually want to go. This process includes a few restrictions. Please see the Alaska Airlines partnership page for more details.


Have you used your miles to redeem a free Kenmore Air flight? Where did you go? Tell us about it in a comment below.

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