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A Flying Orca Ambassador

Did you just stare that the above picture for a while? A flying orca. How cool is that! But, why is Kenmore Air considering this rather extensive paint job? Because, we have one of the most amazing crews. From pilots to front office personnel and mechanics to customer service reps, our staff is comprised of [...]

Black Rock Oceanfront Resort: teetering where the rocks meet the waves

On the western edge of Vancouver Island, where land ends and ocean begins, the waves cash with brilliant fury. They smash into the rock and tree studded shoreline. This is Ucluelet, a rugged space of British Columbia country, where beauty is fierce and nature thrives. Until 1999, an explorer’s choice was between finding their footing [...]

Because People Have an Incalculable Value

We’re loving the whole #ThrowBackThursday craze because our history rocks. Over the years, the folks here have done so much good stuff. Getting to share it with you is amazing. Pictured above is the inside of a stripped down de Havilland Otter. We’re quite partial to these flying beauties. But in the end, everyone at [...]

Surfing in Tofino

For years, I’ve heard tales of surfing. I’ve heard of the massive heart pounding thrill catching a wave can give you. I’ve heard of the core strength, spatial awareness, and ability to read the ocean it requires. In pictures, I’ve seen the sunny beaches and half naked bodies. I’ve watched videos of bare-chested men riding [...]

The Carving Shed at the Wickaninnish Inn – Magic at the End of the Road

Some places are just places. They’re dots on a map to which you can drive, fly or walk. Other places are experiences. Rich and vibrant, they are filled with the essence of souls who came before you. The old souls whose wisdom and skill – whose life – was responsible for the very walls which [...]