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Tammy & Tom’s Untraditional – Epic – Love

Back in the days of “You’ve got mail” and Yahoo email addresses – back when online dating was a tad bit taboo and flip phones were the rage – Tammy Goodall signed up for a free week of Thank goodness for the Internet. Thirteen years later, on the rooftop of a Lake Union houseboat, [...]

Kenmore Air Enthusiasts in Connecticut

There aren’t too many seaplanes in Connecticut, but Phil and Doreen Mikan were pretty sure their twins would be fascinated by seeing planes land on the water. They weren’t wrong. In the summer of 2012, the couple visited our Emerald City with their then five-year-old rug rats. They made sure to stay close to Lake [...]

Heather and Dan’s Surprise Proposal

Taking someone home can be a lot of things. Scary. Exciting. Nerve-wracking. I don’t imagine Heather thought it would be the first time Dan would say, “I love you.” But it was. At 15, doctors found a benign tumor on Heather’s cerebellum. Hers is a story of perseverance and of faith. It’s the story that [...]

And the Kihnes are off

Earlier this afternoon, JazzFest contest winners Larry and Sabrina Kihne took off from Kenmore Air’s Lake Union terminal. “This is already a fantastic weekend,” Sabrina told me as she smiled at the seaplanes lining the dock. “I don’t normally call him at work. But when I found out we won, I called him right away.” [...]

Customer Focus – Dr. Brian Crain

Helping people’s eyes wasn’t Dr. Brian Crain’s first profession. Before he was a doctor; before he opened his first clinic in Auburn, Washington and his second in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island; and before he became business partners with his son – Brian was a marketing man. But after years of designing ads, he [...]