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Hamilton Metalplane H-47: History Floating and Flying Once More

“They don’t make them like that anymore.” Such sentiments are generally reserved for the wistful daydreamers of times long since past. They are rarely applied to operational seaplanes making takeoffs and landings from Seattle’s own Lake Washington. Yet Kenmore Air and Howard Wright have turned “generally” on its head. The recent restoration of the only [...]

Bennies in Victoria, BC

Eggs Benedict – that poached egg, butter sauced goodness – plopped its way into the culinary world in 1894. We can all thank Lemuel Benedict, the hungover Wall Street stockbroker, who stumbled into the Waldorf Astoria New York seeking a breakfast worthy of his prior evening’s festivities. His order consisted of: buttered toast, poached eggs, [...]

Things To Do in the San Juan Islands this Fall: Cuddling by the Fire

As the weather begins to change and the temperatures drop, I cuddle by the fire like it’s my job. In fact, temperatures don’t have to drop all that much for me to think cuddling is a great plan. Whether I have my honey by my side or I’m flying solo with a good book, you [...]

Adventures Re-Cap

With so many places to visit and so many things to do, picking can be difficult. Where do you eat? Where do you explore? What shopping is available? What art is around? Our Adventures feature some of our favorite ideas for exploring, indulging and relaxing in a few of our destinations. In no more than [...]

“Top Chef” It Through Seattle

Following “Top Chef” in Seattle this season? Been drooling over all the foodie hot spots the chefs have hit up so far? (Don’t worry. I have been too.) Want to get a taste for yourself? Book your flight today. So far this season the chefs have visited: The Space Needle Built for the 1962 Seattle [...]