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Kenmore Air Pilot Michelle Rohter

Not that long ago, two passengers asked me about the female pilot. “We want to know about her,” they said. While Kenmore Air has more than one female pilot, Michelle Rohter is the only one who is full time. In fact, she’s the first woman to fly full time at Kenmore and the first woman [...]

Kenmore Air Pilot Joseph Leatherman

Every month or so, Joseph Leatherman spends part of his day off getting his make-up done. Foundation and powder aren’t the average look for this Kenmore Air pilot, but a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do when the spotlight calls. Joseph is often the spokesman on New Day Northwest, a fantastic local TV [...]

Kenmore Air Goes To Africa

I am convinced Kenmore Air is the Ghostbusters of the seaplane industry. When your seaplane breaks, when you’re stranded in a far off lake, when you need to get where planes almost never fly, who you gonna call? KEMORE AIR!

That’s what Desert Locust Control in Nairobi, Kenya did. In 2010, when two of their de Havilland Beavers crashed, they knew who to call. Flying in Jon Abuhl, one of Kenmore Air’s elite mechanics, they had their birds up and in the air within three weeks of his arrival.

Kenmore Air – The Family Focused Company

Family – it’s the Kenmore Air way. It’s the foundation for our success. It’s why in 2009, rather than continuing to pursue a job in digital editing, Ty Edwards dropped off his resume at our Lake Union Terminal.

With no customer service experience and no exposure to Kenmore Air’s computer processing system, Ty said he, “Took a shot in the dark.” The reason? “I knew it was a family owned and run company with solid values.”

Thank You To All Who Have Served

I’d like to invite you to stop for a moment and look around. What do you see? From the window of the small café where I am sitting, a mom zips up her daughter’s coat. Three bikes stand upright, chained to bike stand. I can just make out the one piece of paper pinned to the reader board near by, “Exceptional Babysitter. Call for Rates.”

Are you taking in how blessed we are?