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Wills brothers handle plane from engine to cockpit

From the engine to the cockpit, the Wills brothers have their hands on the entire 11-passenger de Havilland Otter. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Sam and Jason Wills grew up just a hop, skip, and jump from Kenmore Air. When it came time to get a job, both men earned their chops working the line. […]

Inside the Upholstery Shop with Clarence Kappes

Kenmore Air’s upholstery shop sits just above the mailroom. It’s non-descript entrance rests at the top of a narrow stairway. Most people give the nearly windowless space nary a glance, let alone have a clue as to the artistry that goes on inside.   Beyond the threshold lies a veritable maze of platforms and sewing […]

Andrew Otterness

Andrew Otterness joined the Kenmore Air family as the Lake Union Station Manager in 2002. Over the years his job has evolved, but one thing’s remained constant – everyone who meets him raves about his kind personality and ability to accomplish anything. For the inside scoop about what makes Andrew tick, I went straight to […]

AVIC teams up with US partner – Kenmore Air

  Kenmore, WA – AVIC will debut the first Chinese made seaplane in the US. Using innovative designed floats by EDO Floats, and with their co-operation to obtain US and Chinese airworthiness certification, the Y-12s will be fully transformed into amphibious aircraft. The transformed Y-12s certified under FAA and CAAC will increase their competitive edge […]

Happy National Dog Day

At Kenmore Air we love our four-legged family members.   When you stop by one of our terminals, a friendly wagging tail might greet you. We have quite a few pups that like to come put in a days work. It’s not just on the dock that we love to spend time with our furry […]