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Hamilton Metalplane H-47: History Floating and Flying Once More

“They don’t make them like that anymore.” Such sentiments are generally reserved for the wistful daydreamers of times long since past. They are rarely applied to operational seaplanes making takeoffs and landings from Seattle’s own Lake Washington. Yet Kenmore Air and Howard Wright have turned “generally” on its head. The recent restoration of the only [...]

Beaver, History Flying

At Kenmore Air, our pilots fly a variety of planes: the Otter, the Cessna, and the Cessna Caravan (a member of Kenmore Air Express, our wheeled plane division). But no plane among our line holds a more distinguished place in our fleet than the Beaver. They’re not young planes. They’re not young by a long [...]

Kenmore Air Goes To Africa

I am convinced Kenmore Air is the Ghostbusters of the seaplane industry. When your seaplane breaks, when you’re stranded in a far off lake, when you need to get where planes almost never fly, who you gonna call? KEMORE AIR!

That’s what Desert Locust Control in Nairobi, Kenya did. In 2010, when two of their de Havilland Beavers crashed, they knew who to call. Flying in Jon Abuhl, one of Kenmore Air’s elite mechanics, they had their birds up and in the air within three weeks of his arrival.