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Breathtakingly Beautiful from the Sea and the Sky – Kenmore Air’s Sea & Sky Package

We’re a little different here in the Pacific Northwest (aka the PNW). We have something no one else has – we have it all. You’re not just going to find rugged mountain terrain or valleys filled with lush vineyards. This isn’t a place which only has lakes or ocean front real estate. And while it [...]

Love Travel as much as Your Destination with Kenmore Air Express

I love to travel. The thought of exploring new places typically has me busting out my travel guides with giddy expectation. But, sometimes the thought of actually getting there – the long car rides and intense trips to the airport – make me shelve any plans. I’ve ended up waiting for delayed flights more times [...]

Sea and Sky Package with the Victoria Clipper

Departing from Pier 69, the Victoria Clipper makes daily trips to Victoria, BC and Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. (Pier 69 is located between pier 70 and the famous Edgewater Hotel where the Beatles fished from the window of their suite.) The Clipper’s high-speed passenger-only vessels offer a quick and comfortable travel option. Plus, [...]

Kenmore Air Charter Flights

Are you an adventure seeker, a lover of all things wild? Do you push your limits and take the path less traveled? Does your ideal vacation involve hundreds of miles all to yourself? If your answer is a resounding “Yes,” you’re right there with many of our Kenmore Air passengers who take advantage of our [...]

Does Kenmore Air ship?

Yes! Kenmore Air can ship your package. We call it Kenmore Air Cargo. This counter-to-counter service transports everything from a one-ounce letter to machine parts weighing hundreds of pounds. It is your fastest transportation solution between Seattle and any of our domestic island and peninsula destinations. While we’re not UPS, we do work with third-party [...]