Does Kenmore Air ship?

Yes! Kenmore Air can ship your package. We call it Kenmore Air Cargo. This counter-to-counter service transports everything from a one-ounce letter to machine parts weighing hundreds of pounds. It is your fastest transportation solution between Seattle and any of our domestic island and peninsula destinations. While we’re not UPS, we do work with third-party couriers in many of our service locations to provide door-to-door solutions when needed.

Does this mean I can have something delivered today?
Possibly. Our staff gets your package in the air and to its destination as quickly as we can. But, this depends on a lot of factors which include: the time of day, the current flight schedule, the size of your item, and how booked the flight is.

My package needs to go further than Kenmore’s regularly scheduled destinations. Can you do that?
Yes! We can play the middleman, known as the freight forwarder. This means we’ll forward your shipment to any other carrier at Boeing Field or Sea-Tac. Or, we’ll pick up your shipment from those carriers and get them back to you.

Kenmore Air Cargo enjoys a “known shipper” status with major carriers which simplifies your cargo transportation needs in instances such as this.

I ship things often. Can I get a deal?
Though Kenmore Air Cargo offers attractive rates for one-time shippers, frequent shippers can take advantage of a negotiated contract rate. These rates are based on weight, volume, frequency, and other service parameters. Contact our cargo sales team to discuss your own custom cargo solution. 

I have something REALLY heavy. Can you ship it?
Most likely. While we can’t ship your elephant, our turbine-powered Cessna Caravans are available to carry up to 2500 pounds on a dedicated cargo charter.

For more information and rates, please call 1-866-435-9524.

This post was inspired by our February Frequent Flyer, Geoff Prentiss. He mentioned this lesser known service while I was interviewing him. I wondered to myself, “How many people even know about Kenmore Air Cargo?”

Do you have any questions about what Kenmore Air does? How it works? Where we fly? Or, do you simply use us in a way you want to rave about? Submit your questions or comments below or send them to me at: I’ll be sure they get answered.

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