Kenmore Air Charter Flights

Are you an adventure seeker, a lover of all things wild? Do you push your limits and take the path less traveled? Does your ideal vacation involve hundreds of miles all to yourself?

If your answer is a resounding “Yes,” you’re right there with many of our Kenmore Air passengers who take advantage of our charter flights. What are charter flights? I’m so glad you asked!

While we offer a ton of flights to regularly scheduled destinations, sometimes they just don’t go where you want to get. Kenmore Air charter flights do. You pick the destination and you pick the time – within reason of course – and our pilots will get you there.

Kenmore Air Charter Flights

How do charters work?
When you book your charter flight, you book the entire plane – seaplane or wheeled. Planes cannot be chartered on a per-seat basis. Additionally, the presumption is you’re booking both legs of your flight, and any “dead-head” or positioning legs required.

How much does it cost?
Charters are priced on a rate per flight hour, plus charges for stand-by time, extra stops, ground transportation, catering, certain taxes, governmental fees, and etc. While our charter representatives can offer verbal quotes, these are subject to change. Written quotes are available on request and are honored without change for 30 days from the date they were issued.

What if weather cancels my trip?
If the your charter flight cannot be successfully completed due to weather or mechanical issues, Kenmore Air will offer a complete refund of the charter charge. Alternatively, if service can be safely provided to an intermediate destination and/or by an alternate mode of transportation, you will be offered the chance to take advantage of a partial completion of your trip for a mutually agreed portion of your total bill.

If you want to learn more about charter flights or are ready to book your trip today, contact our Charter Reservations: 1.866.359.2842

The real question is – where do you want to go?


  • Shawn
    Posted August 21, 2014 at 4:46 am | Permalink

    How long would it take your plane to fly to Spokane? How far can they fly without refuel, heavily loaded? How much room do they need for landing and takeoff on water, length and width?

    • Posted August 22, 2014 at 11:00 am | Permalink

      Shawn – Sorry for the delayed response. I wanted to check with the guys who take care of the planes (they’re the experts 😉 ) to make sure I had the correct information. We don’t have an exact time it would take to get to Spokane, but as for your other questions:

      How far can they fly without refuel, heavily loaded?
      The Beaver has a range of approximately 500 miles and the Otter 600 miles.

      How much room do they need for landing and takeoff on water?
      Both planes are STOL aircraft, which is an acronym for “short takeoff and landing”. We don’t use the full STOL capabilities of the aircraft very often, opting instead for a smooth ride for the passengers. Most people find steep ascent/descent angles uncomfortable. All this to say that take off runs are usually in the neighborhood of 1000′ with some closer to 800 and some closer to 1500.

      The length and width of the aircraft:
      The Beaver has a 48′ wing span and is 30′ long. The Otter has a 58′ wing span and is 42′ long.

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