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Family – it’s the Kenmore Air way. It’s the foundation for our success. It’s why in 2009, rather than continuing to pursue a job in digital editing, Ty Edwards dropped off his resume at our Lake Union Terminal.

With no customer service experience and no exposure to Kenmore Air’s computer processing system, Ty said he, “Took a shot in the dark.” The reason? “I knew it was a family owned and run company with solid values.”

Three weeks later, he received a call. There was a Customer Service Agent job waiting for him. Ty was officially part of the Kenmore Air family. He has been ever since.

Prior to Kenmore Air
While attending the University of Washington, Ty took an internship at PBS as the Assistant Editor for the television series “Bill Nye the Science Guy.” When the show ended, Ty headed to LA. Taking a three-year sabbatical from school, he worked as a Production Coordinator at NBC. While he enjoyed the melting pot of people and, of course, the Southern California weather, something was missing – family.

Ty returned to Seattle and to his family. He completed his Bachelors in Communications at the University of Washington and continued pursing his carrier in digital editing. And then the bottom fell out of the market. Like so many others, he found himself without a job.

The Job Fair
After re-evaluating who he was, what he was interested in and passionate about, Ty found himself at a job fair. Touted to have 100’s of employers, Ty put on his best suit, printed out several copies of his resume, and headed to the Convention Center. There were only 13 vendors, two of which were Mary Kay and Avon. “I stood there, looking at the vendors and thought to myself: I’m here. I’m dressed. I’m ready to go. This is perfect practice,” Ty remembered.

After visiting each vendor, he walked outside into a particularly grey and drizzly Seattle day. Instead of heading home, Ty realized he wasn’t that far from Kenmore Air. “I’d never been there. I’d never flown. I was always just really excited when I saw the planes in the air,” he said.


Joining the Kenmore Air Family
As a Customer Service Agent, everything was new for Ty and he loved it. Within a year, Ty worked his way up to Flight Op Supervisor. He helped coordinate the comings and goings of the flights and passengers. Then in 2011, Todd Banks, President of Kenmore Air, and Tim Brooks, former Kenmore Air pilot, recognized the need for a Director of Customer Service. They needed someone who could manage the day-to-day operations; coordinate, train, and vet agents; and handle any customer service issues with grace. They needed Ty.

Since accepting the Director of Customer Service position, Ty has worked to improve internal communications and enhance the customer experience. Forming an up-to-date internal communication platform for his agents, he’s helped to seamlessly connect all of the various Kenmore Air locations.


Celebrating a New Kenmore Air Baby
Ty and his wife, Taryn Coe, had their first baby in November of 2010. A proud poppa, Ty stenciled a seaplane, along with the words, “The Sky is the Limit,” on a small shirt for his oldest daughter, Kyra.

November 29, 2012, Ty and Taryn welcomed Layna Adele Coe Edwards into the world. The Kenmore Air family was overjoyed. Leading up to the birth everyone was, “So excited,” Ty remembered. Todd specifically was on pins and needles:

One day I was talking with [Todd] at my desk and my cell phone was ringing. I let it ring through, but I knew something was bugging him. He said, “Well, aren’t you going to answer that?” I told him it was okay. It could wait. (He is my boss after all.) “What if it’s Taryn?!?!” he said, “What if it’s the baby? You have to answer it!”

Joy and Excitement
“When Kyra was born, anything I could say about how Taryn and I felt would just be an understatement. We’ve been overjoyed with every moment with her. And then comes another one. And the feeling just doubles or quadruples,” Ty said, his eyes sparkling. It was the same sparkle he had when he talked about Kenmore’s Beaver’s approaching from the north, their radial engines buzzing over the Kenmore Air Harbor offices:

Anytime I hear one of those, I drop what I’m doing. (Unless I’m with a customer, of course.) Those moments are a re-set for any of the stress or challenges I might have had during the day.

Kyra, his older daughter, simply recognizes the sound as a “Daddy Plane.” Any seaplane she sees or hears is a “Daddy Plane,” Ty said with a smile.


Ty’s Other Interests
Beyond Kenmore Air, Ty loves to fly fish, specially in Western Montana where his family owns a cabin. Additionally, he is interested in photography and can frequently be found with his Nikon D90. When he’s not capturing pictures of his kids, he often shoots at Kenmore Air Harbor. Many of his fantastic images have been featured on this blog.

If you too have any fun Kenmore Air images you would like to contribute, please send them to MikaelaC (at) KenmoreAir (dot) com.


  • Marilyn
    Posted January 1, 2013 at 7:08 pm | Permalink

    Ty, very nice. I think Kenmore Air and you complement one another. I’m proud to be a member, more or less, of your family.

  • Kathy Martin
    Posted January 8, 2013 at 12:53 pm | Permalink

    Knowing Ty and his fantastic family, I just knew he’d be loved and greatly appreciated when he was first hired at Kenmore Air. He is the genuine Mr Personality for public relations who can calm a crisis or add spark to a dull situation. Kenmore’s CEO and Board found a winning Team member! Thanks for sharing his personal story.

    • Mikaela Cowles
      Posted January 9, 2013 at 4:35 pm | Permalink

      It was my pleasure Kathy. Everyone at Kenmore is great. I love being part of such an amazing team so much that sometimes I just have to brag about them.

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