Leslie Banks (aka Kenmore Air’s Chief Mom in Residence)

Current Kenmore Air Mommy Leslie Banks

It’s said, behind every successful man, there’s a great woman. I couldn’t agree more. And, the women at Kenmore Air are been pretty darn great.


A family owned and operated business since 1946, Kenmore Air’s women – our Kenmore Air moms – are rock stars. Over the years they’ve done everything from tie up planes to helping with the day-to-day operations.


Today’s Kenmore Air Chief Mom in Residence (aka Leslie Banks, daughter of the original Kenmore Air mom, Ruth Munro), grew up at Kenmore – literally. The Munro’s lived in a house right on the Kenmore Air Harbor property.


Leslie and GreggTo Leslie, the office was just an extension of home. By seven, she was counting the cash and by ninth grade she was typing company letters. Making friends with customers and mechanics, she worked right alongside her mom and dad. And one summer, when she was still in high school, a line boy caught her eye.


“He was cute,” she remembered. He thought the boss’s daughter was pretty darn cute too.


Tim Banks came to Kenmore Air determined to learn to fly. He started out working the line, as nearly all Kenmore Air’s staff did (and still do). Eventually earning his seaplane rating, he did in fact fly. But, when he and Leslie were eventually married, her dad told Tim he needed to do something besides fly.


Finding work in the steam ship business – Tim helped large companies manage their ocean cargo. His work in the import-export field required several moves including: Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland.


Leslie became very adapt at packing, unpacking and re-enrolling the kids in school. It’s a skill she used one last time in 1989 when they moved back to Seattle. Leslie didn’t plan on re-joining the Kenmore Air team. But, returning home just felt right.

“It was the same year our kids started college. I was going crazy. So, I came back and worked in the parts department and spent a little time in accounting,” Leslie said.


Eventually, she transitioned into the office, helping with the day-to-day operations – a role which she continues to fill. When she’s not answering phones or supporting the staff, she can often be seen throwing a tennis ball for Miley, her Portuguese water dog.


Happy Mother’s Day Leslie! Thank you for all your wonderful help and support.



  • Karol Cahan
    Posted May 14, 2014 at 1:50 pm | Permalink

    What a nice story about Kenmore Air and Leslie’s involvement. She is a great friend, mother, and “girl Friday” and definitely the matriarch of Kenmore Air!

  • Wiliam (Bill) Wheat
    Posted August 5, 2014 at 6:07 pm | Permalink

    Kenmore Air

    I learned to fly at Kenmore way back in 1953. With Bill Fisk and Bob. I remember Leslie and Gregg when they were little guys. That picture of them on there tricks looks awful familiar. Lots of fun memories

    Good luck to all of you

    Bill Wheat

    • Posted August 6, 2014 at 5:39 am | Permalink

      Thanks Bill. It’s such a special place for the whole family. We’re really glad to have shared part of it with you.

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