Semiahmoo Resort’s Executive Chef Bruno Feldeisen

Kenmore Air seaplane and Mt. Baker

As though sliced from a time when folks wandered just to wander and sat just to sit, the Semiahmoo Resort maintains an idyllic sense of quiet. Less than two watery miles from Canada and a few hundred feet from Blaine, Washington, the recently restored destination sits at the end of the Semiahmoo Spit.


Relaxing at the Semiahmoo ResortFrom bird watching and biking to kayaking and kite flying, the shorelines here welcome family gatherings, romantic getaways, and solo retreats alike. The resort is home to a spa and two golf courses. At night, bonfires are lit on the beach.


And while all of those things are wonderful – I mean out of this world amazing status – I want to give you a peek inside the kitchen. Executive chef Bruno Feldeisen recently joined the Semiahmoo team. His cuisine is as exceptionally full flavored as his passion for the land.


Here are some of my favorite snippets from our recent chat.  (more…)

Inside the Upholstery Shop with Clarence Kappes

From cutting and shaping aviation foam to sewing leather coverings, upholstery specialist Clarence Kappes handcrafts seats in Kenmore Air’s upholstery shop.

Kenmore Air’s upholstery shop sits just above the mailroom. It’s non-descript entrance rests at the top of a narrow stairway. Most people give the nearly windowless space nary a glance, let alone have a clue as to the artistry that goes on inside.


In the Kenmore Air upholstery shop, the ceiling’s rafters resemble a chandelier of parts. They suspend seat frames in various states of repair. Beyond the threshold lies a veritable maze of platforms and sewing machines. The ceiling’s rafters resemble a chandelier of parts. They suspend seat frames in various states of repair. The scent of leather and wood shavings hangs heavy, like a cologne reminiscent of a time before Chinese imports were the status quo – a time when men crafted machines with the strength of their hands and the ingenuity of their wit.


At the center of it all, moving with a quiet sense of purpose, is upholstery specialist, Clarence Kappes.


He graciously let me join him while he was in the midst of a project. I watched as he measured a stretch of leather, measured it again, and then cut. “Custom craftsmanship is the only option,” Clarence explained. “We’re dealing with planes that haven’t been manufactured for years. There’s no factory making Beaver seats. If we want them, we have to search for existing parts and repair them before they can be upholstered.”

From cutting and shaping the aviation foam – a high density, flame retardant foam – to sewing the leather coverings, Clarence handcrafts each seat.

The last de Havilland Beaver was built in 1967. Only 1,657 planes were produced. For these planes to keep operating, the ability to completely restore them is key.


Celebrating Aviation Geek Fest with a Flight Tour Discount

Call 866.435.9524 Use promo code: #AVGEEK16 and we’ll $25 off the regular ticketed price of a Seattle Scenic Flight Tour during Aviation Geek Fest, April 9 and 10.

Aviation Geek Fest is back. For the seventh year in a row, the folks at AirlineReporter have organized behind the scene tours and once in a lifetime aviation packed activities.

Working in conjunction with Future of Flight, Museum of Flight, and Boeing, they have created a two-day event sure to thrill. You’ll have the opportunity to see what happens on the factory floor, talk to experts, and check out a cockpit first hand. There will even be an opportunity to tour the Dreamliner gallery.

Get more information about Aviation Geek Fest.



Victoria Beer Week 2016

Food and beer around Seattle

March 4 – 12, the annual Victoria will showcase an array of BC craft breweries.

Each year this nine-day festival showcases a wide array of BC craft breweries. Throughout this nine-day festival events will focus on education and, of course, sampling. March 4, it will kick off with a Cask Night at the Victoria Public Market. This lively opening will include 25 unique casks and food from the market’s vendors.

Daily events feature tours, pairings, pub-crawls, workshops and more.

You can find the full list of events here.


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