BEAVER on Lake Union

It wasn’t the first seaplane Kenmore Air ever purchased. It wasn’t even the first de Havilland Beaver. But Six-Six-Zulu is definitely the best-loved member of Kenmore’s fleet.

A fixed wing single-engine beauty, she came off the line in 1953. Her early years were spent with the United States Air Force. She flew with six different units including the 6600th Air Department AMO (Air Material Overseas Unit). This was an especially appropriate beginning for a plane that would one day haul Navy torpedoes and land on remote glaciers.  (more…)


wild orca seaplaneWe teamed up with Wild Orca, a Washington state non-profit organization, to spread awareness about the Pacific Northwest’s endangered population of Southern Resident Killer Whales.

How? In a lot of ways, the biggest of which is a flying wild orca ambassador. That’s right – we transformed one of our iconic 10 passenger seaplanes (N606KA to be exact) into a flying replica of an orca whale.

And goodness, does she look beautiful.

N606KA will fly between Seattle and Kenmore Air’s extensive network of destinations across Washington and British Columbia. Additionally, we’ll be working with Wild Orca to equip our entire fleet with educational materials about the struggling population of orcas and a guide to practical changes needed for recovery.  (more…)

5 Hidden Seattle Gems

Seattle Skyline

When it comes to Seattle, we often talk about the Space Needle and the world-famous Pike Place Market. We talk about the city’s amazing seafood and its stunning views of Mount Rainier. But Seattle has a lot more to offer than a few lookout points and daily catches. This city of ours is rich with back-alley restaurants, eclectic artwork, and hidden gardens.


Tanglewood Supreme
Fish and Chips at Tanglewood-SupremeThe Pink Door, Seattle’s unmarked Pike Place pasta destination has long received rave reviews for its handmade noodles and unusual entertainment. (The trapeze swings aren’t just for looks!) But, Post Alley doesn’t sport the only back-alley game in town. Magnolia, one of Seattle’s more upscale neighborhoods, has its own hidden gem – Tanglewood Supreme. With a fisherman-to-table philosophy, fisherman can often be spotted dropping by with their daily catch. Among the menu favorites, the Tanglewood Stew when it’s on the menu – a rich combination of clams, mussels, potatoes and carrots. Equally as delightful are the steamed clams in a white wine broth spiked with bacon and chili flakes. And, their fish and chips – another ‘when available’ dish we love.


The Fremont Troll
Perhaps the most well loved public artwork, the Fremont Troll isn’t on the beaten path. It’s tucked beneath Aurora Bridge, where it clasps and actual Volkswagen Beetle in its large stone hands.  (more…)

Don’t miss the baby boom!

Sooke Breaching by Jeanne Hyde, The Whale Museum

This winter, whale watching enthusiasts rejoiced as the San Juan Islands resident killer whale (aka orca) population welcomed it’s fourth baby to the family.


Want to meet one (or all) of the babies? You can! We partner with San Juan Safaris to offer a one-day whale watching trip in the San Juan Islands.


A Friday Harbor based whale watching outfit, San Juan Safaris has a 95 percent success rate. Meaning, 95 percent of the time their boats go out, passengers see whales. No operated tour sees whales more often!


The adventure begins with a thrilling Lake Union takeoff. Forty-five minutes later you’ll be in Friday Harbor, a quaint town on San Juan Island. From there, it’s just a short stroll to the San Juan Safaris’ MV Sea Lion, a 55-foot long whale watching boat.  (more…)

Kenmore Air Spring Seat Sale

Save 15% on flights between Seattle & the San Juan Islands or Victoria during our Spring Seat Sale.

Save 15% on flights between Seattle & the San Juan Islands or Victoria during our Spring Seat Sale.

Spring is one of the best times to explore. The tourist season in Seattle, the San Juans and Victoria isn’t yet in full swing. It’s now that the lush greenness brought on by winter rains is speckled with bright colors.


Chefs have begun flexing their foraging muscles. They are revamping their menus with delicacies like artichokes, nettles and strawberries.


Recent opening, such as Friday Harbor’s new IMA museum, are introducing a broad range of artwork and activities. Farmers markets are bustling. Our own resident orcas are a lively bunch, including the newest members of the family – the three orca babies.  (more…)