Living In The Age Of Airplanes at the Pacific Science Center

Living In The Age Of Airplanes at the Pacific Science CenterAround here, we’re avgeeks. We’re aviation enthusiasts. We’re passionate about all things air-worthy. We’ve been that way since our company was founded in 1946.

That’s why we’re so excited about Living In The Age Of Airplanes. This amazing documentary reminds us how the airplane has profoundly changed the world and our lives. It was filmed in 18 different countries, across all 7 continents, and features the most awe inspiring moments in aviation history.  (more…)

Fishin at my Heart’s Second Home

Black Fish Lodge Fly Fishing

They say, “Home is where the heart is.” I may only have one heart, but it has two homes.

Twenty-five years ago, a phone rang somewhere in the offices of Kenmore Air. The then marketing director picked up the phone and answered my query, “Where can I go to catch a lot of fish?”


He suggested Blackfish Lodge. It was a new lodge and he didn’t know much about it personally. But, the pilots were reporting lots of salmon had been coming back from this remote BC destination. I booked my trip.  (more…)

The Harbour House Hotel on Salt Spring Island

Harbour House Hotel Farm

If you’re looking for grand entryways or manicured lawns, look elsewhere.

But, if you’re looking for a destination where the strawberries are picked that morning and the eggs are straight from under a hens bum – head to the Harbour House Hotel on Salt Spring Island.


strawberriesPositioned on a hill just above Ganges Harbour, this rustic resort looks a bit like a converted farmhouse. It should. Behind its two-story residence is a 3-acre farm. The hillside’s been tamed by sheer willpower and muscle as terraced stone beds have been built into the sloping ground.


Here, farm-to-table is not just a quaint term thrown around because it’s popular. “During the peak season, we grow 90 percent of what’s served in our restaurant,” said Roberta Martell, Harbour House’s Sustainability Director.


They raise their own sheep for meat and beehives for honey. Heck, they even make their own syrup by tapping the farm’s broad leaf maples.


Hotel guests and visitors are invited to explore the grounds, but a word to the wise – watch your step. While by farm standards, the grounds are clean, the goats and chickens are far from potty trained.  (more…)

Friday Harbor’s San Juan Islands Museum of Art

San Juan Islands Museum of Art in Friday Harbor

At the edge of Friday Harbor’s downtown, where the road is just beginning to give way to businesses, sits the San Juan Islands Museum of Art (IMA). The soaring glass walls of its atrium like gallery face the street. It’s a sight that promises art over which you can spend time lingering.


Inside the IMAAnd, that’s what it delivers. Since opening just over six months ago, this long-awaited fixture of the islands’ thriving art community has brought in shows that are drawing national attention.


It’s not a big museum. There are just three galleries and an artist workshop. It doesn’t need to be big. From its conception the goal was simple – showcase art. That’s what it does. You aren’t going to find a coffee shop or a restaurant. There are no vast open spaces. And, retail is limited to a small bookshelf beside the reception desk.


However the sparse staff is knowledgeable. The space is welcoming, so much so they don’t even charge you to enter. (There’s merely a recommended $10 donation.) It’s quiet. It’s simple. It’s the San Juans at their best.  (more…)

2 Days in Friday Harbor

Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

On the edge of the US and Canadian border, where the ocean flows freely between the two countries – water locked drops of island oases can be found. With the Olympic Mountains lining the horizon and old-growth forests aplenty, the 250 days of sunshine beckon visitors and delight locals. Friday Harbor, the largest of the San Juan Islands’ towns, is home to some of the finest restaurants, coffee shops, and artists’ studios and galleries. Here, whale watching enthusiasts enjoy the sights of resident and transitory pods; outdoor adventurists explore a variety of parks and trails; and boaters take full advantage of known and lesser known coves, marinas, and shorelines.


5:00 PM – Dinner at Coho Restaurant
Perched on a hill overlooking Friday Harbor, you’ll find the historic Craftsman House, home of Coho Restaurant. In the small, tastefully decorated dining room, Chef Bill Messick dishes up his locally sourced Pacific Northwest cuisine with a touch of Mediterranean flair. The dynamic menu constantly changes with the season to showcase local farmers and daily sea-inspired specials. From salmon and scallops to beef and pork (sourced from the Jones Family Farm on Lopez Island), Chef Messick’s flavors are a bold introduction to the San Juan Islands’ bounty. (more…)