Isle of the Arts Festival in Nanaimo, BC

Isle of the Arts Festival in Nanaimo BC speaker Jeff Molly

What if we embraced the mantra, “I AM, therefore I create”? What if we recognized we are all artists, creating our own narrative and etching our own stamp on the world? What if we let our soul’s creativity out? Just imagine the beauty that would unfold.


This April, join fellow art enthusiast for the Isle of the Arts Festival on Gabriola Island. This small oasis is just a short ferry ride from Nanaimo, BC. Throughout the years, it’s been a hub for artistic development. Experts of all mediums congregate here to fine-tune their craft. (more…)

Orcas Island Bird & Wildlife Festival

Black Oystercatcher by Orcas Island bird expert Kim Middleton

Birding – the act of birdwatching – allows us to step into Mother Nature’s theater. When it comes to this elegant sport, there is no better stage than the San Juan Islands.

Why? Because despite being able to see many of the Islands’ native birds throughout the Pacific Northwest or at zoos, few places offer the combination of easy access and a pristine environment.

April 10 – 12, the first annual Orcas Island Bird and Wildlife Festival will feature three days of bird inspired walks, talks, workshops and activities. Among the guest speakers will be local bird expert, Kim Middleton. (more…)

Things To Do In Seattle: Visit SPY: The Secret World of Espionage at the Pacific Science Center

Charlie at the Pacific Science Center

Who shot JFK? Are the X-Files real? Is Elvis really dead? These questions and more have been pondered for ages. Unfortunately, you’re just going to have to keep pondering them.

But if you would like a look under the curtain, where the spies lurk and the secrets reside, SPY: The Secret World of Espionage at the Pacific Science Center will be just your thing. Beginning March 29, hundreds of artifacts from real spies will be on display. More than 200 of them will be declassified CIA, FBI and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) items. (more…)

Northwest Floatplane Picnics

Northwest Floatplane Picnics with Joy

Save room for the chocolate-covered macaroons. Save room. I implore you. Save room! You’ll thank me.

Why? Because when you find yourself beyond the city – where driftwood tables rest beside makeshift benches, where the air is crisp and salty fresh, and where the cliffs rise straight up from the water – you won’t think twice about taking a second helping of fresh mozzarella salad or a few extra crab legs.

Though the picnic will be a leisurely one and continuous grazing is to be encouraged, I worry if I don’t warn you now, in a big bold – SAVE ROOM FOR THE CHOCOLATE-COVERED MACAROONS – message, you might forget.

So I did. It’s taken care of. You’ll remember, won’t you?

(If you also take a picture of one for me, that’d be great. I ate the last one before I even thought of it!)  (more…)

Third Annual Shakespeare Festival


“O, beware, my lord, of jealousy;
It is the green-ey’d monster, which doth mock
The meat it feeds on.”
– William Shakespeare, Othello


You’ll be jealous indeed if you miss the third annual Shakespeare Festival on Orcas Island where Shakespeare inspired dinners, parades and a variety of performances abound. Discover the full schedule of events below.