3 Hidden Gems in Victoria BC

Victoria Spring

It’s nice to visit a city and do the “it” things. In Victoria, high tea at the Fairmont Empress and a stroll through the Butchart Gardens are right up there. However, beyond these standard recommendations, there are some lesser-known gems that offer a peek into Victoria’s rich history and culture without ending crowded corridors and long lines.

These are three of my absolute favorites.


Chinatown’s Second Narrowest Street

Dragon AlleyThe mystique of Fan Tan Alley’s narrow walkway has earned it quite the reputation over the years. Its shadowed corners and seemingly hidden shops give the impression you’ve stepped back to a time where rice was exchanged for chickens and deals were made with a handshake.

However, the mystery of Victoria’s Chinatown doesn’t stop there. Just west of Fan Tan’s northern Fisgard St. entrance, is the alley’s lesser-known sister – Dragon Alley, Connecting Fisgard and Herald Street, it offers a bit wider passageway. Recently revitalized, it’s speckled with an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, studios, residential units, and the occasional urban patio.  (more…)

Seattle’s Best Rainy-Day Activities

11 rainy day activities in Seattle

As Seattle natives we have long embraced the grey with fleece jackets, steaming cups of coffee, and the occasional flannel. We buck Mother Nature’s call to the indoors. We pride ourselves on braving the rain filled skies sans umbrella. What can we say, we’re a tough breed.

Yet, everyone needs an occasional break. If you find yourself looking outside and thinking, “Not today,” these 11 Seattle spots are an indoor blast of a good time.


Go Under the Sea

Salmon at the Seattle AquariumDon’t worry. This trip doesn’t require a wet suit. Located on Pier 59, the Seattle Aquarium offers a look beneath the water’s surface. Its exhibits include an undersea dome where you’ll get a 360-degree view from the perspective of a Puget Sound fish. You’ll also have the chance to see otters and seals, daily feedings, shore birds, and more!  (more…)

Happy National Dog Day

At Kenmore Air we love our four-legged family members.


Dogs on the dock at Kenmore AirWhen you stop by one of our terminals, a friendly wagging tail might greet you. We have quite a few pups that like to come put in a days work.

It’s not just on the dock that we love to spend time with our furry friends. Cats and dogs are also welcome aboard all Kenmore Air flights.

To maintain the comfort and safety of our passengers, we do maintain a limit of one pet per flight. Every pet must be harmless, inoffensive, odorless, and require not attention during transit.

Cats must travel in a small, soft side duffle bag. Dogs must be leashed. You can find the full details about our pet policy here.

And because it’s National Dog Day, we thought we’d introduce some of the Kenmore Air pups:


Years of Wisdom: 3
Owner: Gregg
Can Be Found: Waiting for Gregg to return from a flight to the San Juan Islands.
Buddy at Kenmore Air (more…)

Fulfilling a Need for Creamy Goat Cheese at Salt Spring Island Cheese

Salt Spring Island

We left Ganges in a four-seater, red convertible. The top was down. The sun was shining. A tourist map was clutched in my hands.

Our threesome – Colleen Eastman, Danny Levin and I – had a deep-seated need for the creamy goodness known as goat cheese. We were headed to Salt Spring Island Cheese.

Rockey on Salt Spring IslandThe car was a loner, compliments of Roberta Martell, the Sustainability Director at Harbour House, a hotel and working farm on the island.


Less than an hour earlier, she and her trusty four-legged sidekick, Rocky, picked us up just past the gates of Ganges Harbour. Now we were winding our way out of town. It didn’t take long.  (more…)

2 Days in Victoria

History and elegance seem to tumble into the same sentence as “Victoria, British Columbia.” Though this quaint city has certainly transitioned into the 21st Century, it has retained its old world vibe. This provincial capitol is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. On a clear day, you can see stunning views of Washington State’s Olympic Mountains from its shore. A true walking city, there’s little need for a car during this Victoria weekend getaway. When a ride is needed, cab fare anywhere is typically $5 (except for the must see Butchart Gardens).


6:00 p.m. – Dinner at Barb’s Fish & Chips
After your flight, give those legs a stretch with a stroll around Fisherman’s Wharf as you head to Barb’s Fish & Chips. Opened in 1984, they’re the Wharf’s only floating restaurant. Waits can be long, but their pager system allows for minimal wandering around the dock. Don’t like seafood? This walkup food boat also has a selection of burgers and hotdogs. (310 Saint Lawrence St., Victoria, BC, 250-384-6515) (more…)