“Top Chef” It Through Seattle

Following “Top Chef” in Seattle this season? Been drooling over all the foodie hot spots the chefs have hit up so far? (Don’t worry. I have been too.) Want to get a taste for yourself?

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So far this season the chefs have visited:

The Space Needle

Built for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, the top of the needle includes an observation deck and a rotating restaurant. Their menu focuses on locally sourced Pacific Northwest ingredients, particularly seafood.

This culinary job training and placement program helps homeless men and women get their lives back while giving you an exceptional meal.

One of Seattle’s oldest restaurants, and arguably its best, Canlis offers exceptional food and service with a stunning view.


Remlinger Farms
What began as a humble farmer’s stand has become 200 acres of fun and locally grown goodness.

 Pike Place Market
This iconic Seattle attraction features some of the best tastes of the city.

Taylor Shellfish Farms
With their farms and nurseries located on the coast, it’s not always easy to go harvest your own oysters like the chefs did. Fortunately, they have a storefront at the Melrose Market where you can get a taste of the sea.

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